Monday, August 20, 2012

StyleFiles: Weekend Wear ~ Boho Style + Closet Remixing

Currently Crushing In: Crochet Vest – H+M ($20) similar - ON SALE, Tank – American Eagle (old) Similar - ON SALE, Coral Cut Offs – Rue21 (old) similar - ON SALE, Boots – Charming Charlie ($23), Belt – American Eagle (old) similar
Arm Candy and Jewels: Peace Sign Earrings – gifted, Peace Sign Necklace – American Eagle ($6- On Sale!), Bead Bracelets – gifted, White Wrap Bracelet – Francesca’s Collections ($18)
Of all my weekend outfits lately, this outfit is by far one of my faves.  It is a full on closet remix – not one new item!  In fact, most everything I have had for at least a year! As much as I love to shop, I get a little excited when I make an outfit up entirely from pieces I already had.  I feel all thrifty-like! 
What about you? Do you enjoy remixing your closet or is it just too much work?
If you chose the “too much work” option - I totally recommend setting aside a day (yes, a whole day) to rethink your closet.  Take those items you NEVER wear and donate or sell them, trust me that occasion or party you are potentially saving them for, it won’t happen. If you are saving them for a day when they actually fit, let them go! Trust me, you lose that weight or workout for those killer legs, you are going to want to buy yourself a new outfit! This is the first step- and I would definitely say it’s the hardest.  But, once you purge your closet of those unnecessary items – it will open a whole world of possibilities! Next step, organize! This can also be super difficult – if you need help in this department there are tons of ideas on pinterest (cheap version) or you can hire a stylist, many will come organize your closet and create some looks for you, too! If you live in the Atlanta area I would love to help you organize and style your closet, you can contact me at  If a stylist isn’t in the budget, I suggest organizing your closet by either color or style or both.  For example, hang all of your short sleeve shirts together and color code them, that way when you go to your closet and you are looking for a blue shirt to wear with those shorts you know exactly where to look.  This helps with putting together outfits and saves on time, double whammy!
I would love to hear some of your closet organizing ideas! Have pictures? Even better! Please share or send me a link!

P.S. If you noticed the photo effects - I just discovered Picassa! I had some fun, maybe too much! ha
Have a beautiful day!

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