Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Click A Pic Challenge Link-up

So a few weeks back I found this fun link-up photo challenge over at messy.dirty.hair . I live on instagram so I knew it would be perfect for my first link up experience! Haha or so I thought… today I venture over to link up and there is no link up :( tear.  So I am still going to post and if they do decide to post I will totally link up! The challenge was to snap pics of friends, awkward, travel, fun, and late night–here is my take on the challenge –ENJOY!
These two… my family has had Sadie since my freshman year of college and when I moved back and brought Asher home, lets just say MAJOR JEALOUSY! But I have been back over a year and these two have become best buds (whether they admit it or not!) – they are the cutest friends :)
Awkward was a toughie, not because awkward never happens in my life, but because awkward happens all the time! Haha I chose to display Josh for awkward – because, well, he completes my awkwardness and I caught his awkwardness on camera! Lucky him! We were at Universal Studios and trying to get him to fit in the electric chair was hilarious, and sometimes he gets all awkward when he feels like people are waiting on him – people were waiting to take pics, he didn’t want to take the pic, and he didn’t fit in the chair – for him, all around awkward, for me, pure laughter :) anddd I’m pretty sure I take the award for the most awkwards in one post, just sayin!
Josh and I had the chance to go to Amelia Island this summer for a few days, well actually we had to leave early because of flood warnings, but the one day we got to go to the beach was great, and this is the pic from that day! The beach is our favorite place to travel! What about you? Do you love the beach or are you more of a cool weather kinda girl?
LOVE working out! I have so much fun learning new ways to push myself – right now I am loving yoga and pilates… for me exercise = FUN!
Late night / longest night ever – Josh and I went to the movie marathon for Avengers.  It was 12 hours of non-stop Marvel superhero movies, yes we are total nerds, feel free to laugh :) It was actually tough, sitting there for 12 hours, we didn’t make it and left for an hour to eat – but overall- pure awesomeness! The Avengers started at midnight (obvi) and we were there til 3am I think.  If you knew me- you would know I am a grandma at heart and 11 is my bedtime (earlier is even better!) so for me, this was one late night!
Any fun link -ups you like?! Let me know - I would love to find more! :)
Have a beautiful day!

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