Wednesday, September 24, 2014

StyleFiles: New season & & New Hair

Y'all I did it! If you knew me, you would know I had this weirdly odd attachment to my hair and every time I got it cut I a. cried or almost cried & b. hated it (poor hairdressers, it so wasn't your fault)... See I think I was just never ready for a change, but I was this time! So here it is... the before && after! 

I am so glad I went for it & I have to say I really LOVE it! I cannot believe how much healthier it looks, how much lighter I feel, and how much less time it will take to get ready! score! score! & score!

the outfit//
skinnies// J.Lo via Kohls {exact - NOW ON SALE!}
 tank// Express {exact
(reversible! Other side is grey)
sweater// Express (old)
Necklace// Sage Clothing {similar}
Booties// Target {exact}

the jewels//

Green Bead Bracelet// Davis Direction Foundation 
The sale of this bracelet goes to the Davis Direction Foundation & the fight against opiate addiction. It was founded by an incredible who family who also lost a brother & son to heroin way too young.  
Visit their website here:
(Note: they also sale another style similar to the live strong bracelets.  I have a bunch! Please email me with your address if you would like one.  I would love to send you one :) )

Just a little reminder :) Life is too short not to. 
My Current Desktop screen from the lovely && wonderful Aubrey Kinch, who blogs over on The Kinch Life
She has tons of wonderful outfits and awesome screensavers.

I am a creature of habit BUT that. is. changing! I have made it a decision lately to make changes, dream big, & go for it! Lots of new things happening around the Dunn house and some more big plans coming up soon! The new 'do is just the tip of the iceberg.  I will def be sharing all of our exciting changes here soon! 

p.s. Do you ever wear an outfit for only of a couple of hours one day & think "i really freakin' like this outfit & I wasted it for only a few hours! crap!?" No? just me? Welp, that happened with this puppy, it was easy, layered, and comfy (all of my favs) SO I wore it again today, yep 2 days in a row... total rebel here... or weirdo.  You decide.  

As always thanks for reading && sharing in this crazy, wonderful, and weird life with me.  

Happy Fall, y'all! 

Friday, September 12, 2014

101 in 1001 Days Update

September 2014// 101 in 1001 Days Update
As I update my list I am recognizing a few of things: 1. Since June of this year I have been busy.  I am grateful for the opportunities I have had.  2. I am reminded of how short life is & living a full life is the ultimate goal of the list. & 3. I feel like I am cruising right along I still have about 3.5 years to complete the list.  I’m feeling confident.  Here’s to 11 more updates to the list!

#31: Officially become members at Browns Bridge.//
We are officially members of a long-term married couples group!! We both are SO excited!

#46: Visit 10 states and document through pictures.//
July & August 2014 // Florida

September 2014// California

#48: Visit 10 new cities with Josh. (3/10)//
Savannah, GA 7.4.14
San Francisco, CA 9.4.14
Sausalito, CA 9.5.14
Santa Cruz, CA 9.7.14

#58: Discover 10 new favorite restaurants (3/10)
Copita {Sausalito, CA}

#60: Make 10 recipes off of Pinterest. (5/10)
Our favorite lunch// BLTA Wraps
{no mayo for me, we sub ranch for mayo}
Carrot Fail// Healthy Carrot Fries
{turned out squishy and gross. Sad face.}
The Hub’s favorite// Southwest Burgers
{I make them with grass fed beef rather than turkey}
Easy Peasy //  Veggie Chicken Dinner
The best salad// Pizza Salad
{seriously amazing for pizza lovers! We do add chicken because, well, we like meat}
#68: Pay for the car behind me at Starbucks.//August 2014
{Confession – I got pulled over for speeding but the cop let me off with a warning (thank you!) so I stopped at StarB to spread the good karma love I will def do this again!}

#70: Collect a Starbucks mug from every state or city we visit.
Florida// July 2014
California// September 2014

#74: Go on a date day with my brother (paid for by me)//
I obviously cannot do this, but He & I had a Starbucks date the week before he passed so although it isn’t an entire date day like I had hoped, I will forever remember that morning.  #74 will always remind me to never take moments, people, and life for granted. Life is just too short!

#77: Read 20 new books. (2/20)//
The Chance {Karen Kingsbury}// June 2014
The Best of Me {Nicholas Sparks}// July 2014 – btw they are making this into a movie! Cannot wait!

#88: Try 10 new things. (3/10)//
April 2014// We joined a wine club at Talk of the Table.
July 2014// {Booked Savannah hotel, $100 cheaper /night and VERY pleased!}
Sept 2014// Mint Mojito Iced Coffee {Philz Coffee in Palo Alto AMAZEBALLS!!}
Sept 2014// Rented a car! Perks of being 25 I guess.

#96: Buy 3 new board games and play them! (1/3)//
Bananagrams // July 2014 {It’s not a board game per say but it is super fun if you like Scrabble, I totally recommend it!}

As always, I would love to check out your 101 in 1001 list.  Please share in the comments below! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

San Fran Trip Recap

We’re back!
But first, I just want to take a minute to send my love & prayers to all those who lost loved ones on this day 13 years ago.  And a HUGE thank you to all of the firefighters, police officers, and military men & women who work everyday to protect us against such threats now & in the future.  THANK YOU! #neverforget

Warning: picture overload 
Day 1// Explored Fisherman’s Wharf & downtown San Fran
Our ride around town.  
The Hubs enjoyed driving the Stang around... me? Not so much.  Let's just say I don't plan on driving anything but my little SUV for... well, forever. 
Sweater: Forever 21 {similar}
Jeans: American Eagle -old {love these}
Shoes: Converse {exact}
Crossbody: Old Navy {similar}

The Hill from H-E- double hockey sticks! 
Dear Giant Hill, my feet despise you! that is all. 

Explored Pier 39 – It was definitely the most popular of the piers along Fisherman’s Wharf. 
Top pic: San Fran skyline & the cutest seals! Can you spot them?! Also pictured: Alcatraz & Carousel on pier. 

Dinner: Press Club in downtown San Fran. 1 word: AMAZING! 
A little wine tasting flight && some delicious eats.  We shared the lamb burgers & Duck sausage and Quail Jambalaya.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND BOTH.

 Day 1 Side Notes: We ate lunch at Fisherman’s Grotto on Pier 39.  We weren’t impressed & I was disappointed bc we could have probably chose 1001 different and much better options.  Lesson learned. 

Day 2//Palo Alto & Sausalito, CA
Philz Coffee! 
Philz was the ONLY coffee shop I experimented with that I actually liked in all of San Fran... a little disappointed, but the Mint Mojito Iced Coffee did not disappoint! So delish!
Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge 

One of Josh & I's favorite places we visited. So quaint, cute, and beautiful!

Dinner: Copita (Sausalito)
HUGE thank you to Cassie over at Living on Cloud Nine for the recommendation!
Ate: Oyster and Mahi Mahi tacos.  Both were INCREDIBLE!
Drank: Josh ordered a spicy margarita (sorry, can’t remember the name) that he really liked.  Me, some fruity margarita, it was good, but I’m probably not the person to ask bc I am strictly a wine girl. 

Sausalito Wear//
Shirt & Necklace: Francesca's {Both in stores, not online yet}
Skinnies: Jennifer Lopez via Kohls {exact}
Crossbody: Old Navy {above}

Day 3// Around town & back to Pier 39
This was the Hubs last day at his seminar so on his lunch break I found a little park near by for us to eat lunch and play around.  Lunch was gyros & the park was Bedwell Bayfront Park.  

Jacket: Forever 21{exact}
Sweater: Francesca’s {similar}
Skinnies: Kohls (link above)
Sandals & grey Tee: Target - old

He loves me...

He loves me, maybe. 

Dinner: Crab House on Pier 39 (Fisherman’s Wharf) Absolutely the BEST crab we have ever eaten.  We were SO full & if you ever eat crab, that is hard to do! We did get calamari for an appetizer (good, also) & we tried one of their signature cocktails, but like I said before wine girl…couldn’t drink it! Ick!
Oh and we may or may not have gotten dessert THEN also shared a strawberry Nutella crepe! Oops!
The view, sigh. :) and obviously, our cutest outfits of the week ;)

Day 4// Day trip to Santa Cruz 
By far our FAVORITE place in Cali!
Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park
So awesome & humbling... If you ever want to be reminded of how small we are & how BOG God is, just stand next to a Redwood. Incredible!
The view looking up.
Clovers were all over the place... reminded me of my brother :) 
Then we stopped by the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for some fun! 
We rode the Skyride across the boardwalk to see everything! Both scary & cool. Def recommend going if you like roller coasters!
Ended the day with wine tasting that did not disappoint! If you ever in Santa Cruz you have to go to MJA Vineyards! The owner/ winemaker is from Hawaii & every wine we tried was truly unique and fabulous! They also sell Kona coffee…basically it was perfection!
Oh and their tasting pours are VERY generous! You have been warned.

We were only a short walk to the beach so off we went! 
So breathtaking! Those waves were awesome & it was so fun to watch the surfers.  
Santa Cruz Wear//
Tank: Express {exact}
Jeans: American Eagle -old
Sunnies: Tom's {exact}

If When we go back to Cali, we would definitely stay in Santa Cruz.  The speed of living was much more laid back than San Fran & much more our style.  We would venture into San Fran, but really Santa Cruz had the nature, the beach, AND the wine.  Win-win all the way around for us!

Day 5// Last day
We just walked around a mall in the suburbs of San Jose for a couple of hours & I found some awesome jewels from Michael Kors. I made sure the Hubs knew they were now on my wishlist.  Hello, birthday next month ;)

Airport wear//
If you follow on Instagram you have already seen this, if not here ya go...
Shirt: Forever 21 {similar}
Vest: LOFT- last year
Boyfriend Jeans & Flats: Express {jeans-old shoes- same}
Bag: Kate Spade {available in outlets}
Necklace: Francesca’s {in stores}

Earrings: Kate Spade {exact}

Thank you to everyone who made incredible suggestions for what to do and where to eat! We wish we could have done it all! 
On our list for next time: 
- Ride bikes across Golden Gate Bridge
- Take Ferry over to Sausalito/ spend more time exploring Sausalito
- Napa Valley wine tastings
-Zipline through the Redwoods

Have you ever been to San Fran? What did you do? What's on your list for next time?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

StyleFiles: California Dreamin'

The Outfit// 
Skirt: Francesca's {similar}
Tank: LOFT {exact}
Cotton Blazer: Forever21{similar}
Shoes: Nine West via DSW {here in all color options}
Necklace: Francesca's {similar} {love this one}
Cross Bracelet: local boutique
Watch: Fossil {exact}

The hubs & I leave for San Fran tomorrow morning! I can hardly wait!
I am excited for so many reasons:
1)   I have never been to Cali so I am excited to say I will be editing my 101 in 1001 Days list by crossing off #49 (hopefully! With the earthquakes that just happened I heard several vineyards were seriously damaged), and adding a state & a few cities to numbers 46 & 48!
2)   It’s a high of 68 most days, with the highest temp at 70.  You know what that means?! All the amazing fall outfit inspirations I have been pinning like a crazy woman, yeah those, will be happening even if I have to change 20 times/day! And nope, I do not plan on packing lightly, I am bringing it allll! Oops!
3)   The hubs will be in a conference for the better part of 2 days, so that leaves me to do some solo city exploring and I have to say, I am actually excited and I feel so I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T. haha baby steps...
4)   We already have an awesome to do list & we fully intend on knocking it out in the few short days we have!

Here is our must do list so far:

-       - Hike in Redwood Forest
-       - Take a ferry ride to Sausalito & eat at the Copita restaurant
-       - Ride bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge
-       - Eat at Fisherman’s Wharf
-       - Napa wine tastings (duh!)
-       - Have drinks at Press Club
-       - Try a few new coffee shops (sorry StarB, I will be cheating on you.)
-       - Ferry Building & marketplace square

If you have any suggestions of things to do or places to eat! Please share! Our list can never be too long ;)
one more.. hubs was playing with shots & I thought this one turned out cool! 

Interested in following us along during our trip? Follow on Instagram but warning: it will be picture OVERLOAD! However, I can promise a few bunch of fall looks to inspire you!