Tuesday, January 27, 2015

StyleFiles: Stripes & Sunshine

So I don't know about where you live, but down here in Georgia grey & rain seem to be the norm. Let's just say I am not a fan... so to cure the rainy blues- here is some sunshine and a bright green sweater to put a smile back on your pretty little face. 
Your welcome :)

Outfit Deets//
Sweater: Francesca's (old)
Chambray: American Eagle {similar}
Jeans: Joe's Jeans {exact}
Boots: Target {exact}
Necklace: Francesca's (old)
Sunnies: TOMS eyewear {exact}

gahhh... cannot wait to be back in the beautiful Sunshine state next week! sunshine. deprived.

and who would I be if I didn't throw a silly picture in there... you should have seen the other ones.... way embarrassing...

Questions of the Day
Sunshine or rainy days?
Have you looked at Target's Boots this year? They have seriously stepped up their shoe game. Check 'em out.

~ xoxo ~

Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites #1

Who else is super excited it's Friday?! The Hubs is having a friend come into town and they are prob going to be geeking out over body mechanics and working out all weekend, so... I am going to have a little girls weekend with my mom! It's been awhile since we have had one so I'm super excited! But before I leave, here are a few of my favorite things this week!

These Videos... Vogue 73 Questions 
I watched one then I kind of watched 5 more... Blake Lively, Reese Witherspoon, and Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice) to name a few :) 

Speaking of Spice Girls... 
Favorite station on repeat... Spice Girls Radio on Pandora
N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, Mariah Carey... need I say more? 
90's music will forever be my favorite.

All things Organization...
Okay so the title is 'Organzing is Turning You Into a Hoarder' - what?! lies! I will also forever be pro-organizing so just skip past the title and some of their suggestions to declutter are kinda cool... like give 1 thing away for 30 days... I can do that and we are doing this in the Dunn Casa...
Basically it's a challenge where you dress with 33 items or less for 3 months... eek! I guess you would really be able to pick your favorites, but this one is a little too minimalist for this girl! What do you think? Could you do it? 
This desktop organizer... Chalkboard Organizer whoa!amaze!

This author...Holley Gerth
She blogs, she writes amazing books, she loves Jesus, and she loves coffee! Yep, she is probably my long lost bff... If I could sit down with any author it would totally be her! Her books are super encouraging, motivational, and drive me to pursue the Lord with my whole heart, even in the tough months, weeks, or days... I clearly highly recommend her books :) I will do a little book review over here in the next couple of weeks. 

and speaking of coffee...

this new little card...
Starbucks is always my favorite... but I lost my old Starbucks gold card so I got my new (and oh, so shiny!) one in the mail this week!

Prayer Inspiration...
Casey, who blogs over on The Weigands, wrote one of the prayers in the book.  Her blog is filled with her adorable kiddos, gorgeous pics, and some incredibly inspiring posts. 
A simple little prayer for your hubby for the next 31 days :) I just love this! It made me think how often I don't specifically pray for the Hubs.  He is my best friend, my partner for life, the father of our  future children, and the leader in our marriage, gosh, I can't help but think how crazy it is I haven't done this more diligently.  All I say is thank you Cassie for posting this & the Lord for opening my eyes to a weakness in prayer life & our marriage.  

and last, but not least...

These handsome little muttchkins...

gosh, I love them!

Questions for your Friday:
- Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? And is your Hubby a nerd like mine?! ;)
- If you could have coffee with any author who would it be? 

P.s. I am thinking about doing my own version of Project 333 and sell, donate, or trash 33 items for 3 days... sounds much better, right? Wanna join me? 

~ xoxo ~

Thursday, January 22, 2015

StyleFiles: Pink Poppin' Link Up + Casa Sneak Peek!

Today I am linking up with Audrey over on Putting Me Together for her Winter Style Challenge! I am always game for a good challenge...bonus: It has to do with playing dress up :) 
Count. Me. In.  
This Week's Challenge: Wear a bright.  
This was a seriously good challenge idea for me because as I was looking back through my #ootd for the past few weeks - let's just say neutrals have been my bff's- don't me get me wrong, I am a lover of neutrals & forever will be BUT winter has this way of making me dress in neutrals all day, every day... so being challenged to wear a bright was a fun & necessary style challenge! And of course I decided pink was a good idea, because well, pink is never a bad idea, except if it's a pepto pink bridesmaid's dress, that is a bad idea. Just sayin' all you newly engaged ladies out there ;) 


Outfit Deets//
Sweater: Francesca's {similar - on super sale!}
Skinnies: TJ Maxx {similar}
Wedges: Target {similar}
Clutch: Gifted (from my bestie, the girl has great taste! amiright?)

Oh and as promised earlier this week - here is a little sneak peek into our new little casa :)

the kitchen//

the office//

a little side note: it's a work in progress...the Hubs and I are splitting the office in half so my side is going to get girlier and his apparently will be covered in Ninja Turtle & Hulk Posters... this should be interesting :) I will def post an update.  

the fireplace//

the entry way//

that's all I got for now... but LOTS more to come - this girl has been pinning some home decor like a crazy lady! I am hoping to get the guest room/ bath & living room completed next! So be on the look out for some design inspo posts coming soon... I would love your help! :)

Do you have a really awesome home decor Pinterest board or any recommendations? 
I would love to check them out- just leave the link in the comments!  See you tomorrow for some Friday Favorites!
~ xoxo ~

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

FitnessFiles: Workouts of the Week (New Series!)

It's Wednesday! And since it starts with a "W" I thought I would go ahead and start a new series around here cleverly called Workouts of the Week...you know, gotta keep the "W's" together ;) 

 I get asked a lot about what I do for workouts- being a fitness coach for Beachbody I do a lot of their at home workout programs, but I also have a gym membership that I use to go to classes with some of my friends and with the frigid cold temps I also give the treadmill & ellipticals some love too. When it starts to get warmer I hit the track and some trails around our house for sprint workouts - my fave!! I am not currently training for anything specifically, so my fitness goals right now are just to have fun! Which I recommend always! Whenever I do start to train for something again (I am thinking about doing another bikini competition or a half marathon!) I will def let you know - so maybe you can join me :)
 So my idea for this weekly series is to share my week-to-week workout regimen and also share any workouts I create on my own.  Oh and I may throw a recipe or 2 in every once in awhile if I actually cook something kind of tasty...it's rare, so don't get your hopes up! 

Let's kick this thing off!

Sunday: OFF
Monday: OFF
Wednesday: OFF
Friday: T25 Speed 1.0
Saturday: Bodyweight Treadmill Circuit

So side note / smallish vent sesh - the above workout was made up on the fly bc my friend and I were lucky enough to snag 2 treadmills... which I  consider a slight miracle considering the obscene amount of people at the gym.  We went Saturday with every intention of taking BodyPump but to say we were claustrophobic in that exercise room is an understatement! Oh my! SO -MANY- PEOPLE! Let's just say we will not be visiting any Saturday morning classes at the gym until at least March to give all of the resolutioners time to fall off the bandwagon (...is that bad to think..? I do wish them the very best & I sincerely hope they stick with it!) 


Times like Saturday make me thankful for the option to workout at home... what about you- do insanely packed gyms make you kind of crazy? Do you prefer at home workouts or the gym? 

~ xoxo ~

Monday, January 19, 2015

StyleFiles: Pattern Play

{ Plaid, Stripes, & Leopard, oh my! }
Here is to a little pattern playing to start off your week! 

Blanket Scarf: Sage Clothing {similar}{love these}
Striped Tee: Forever21 {similar}
Chambray Shirt: American Eagle {similar}
Red Cords: LOFT (old)
Leopard Flats: Express {exact
Bow Earrings:  Francesca's {similar - on sale!}
Sunnies: Tom's Eyewear {exact} {love these}

This is one of my favorite looks from our trip to the beach and I may or may not be wearing this blanket scarf/ stripe shirt / chambray combo on the reg ever since ;) Hey, you know what they say - If you like it, wear it... until either gets holes in it or you don't like it anymore. Maybe I just made that up...? ha 

Hope you have the loveliest Monday! 

~ xoxo ~

Friday, January 16, 2015

Christmas at the Beach

Oh hey! I am betting your blog feeds are all filled with 2015 this & that, so you're probably surprised to see Christmas 2014, well, I am pretty much on this really bad procrastination kick (I'm working on it though) so I am dedicating my first post of the New Year to what were my last photos of last year... seemed smart in my brain ;) So here ya go... a little recap of all things our wonderfully relaxing Christmas vacation at the beach was...

The Beach House//
Mom got there earlier in the week before the Hubs and I and the rest of the fam got there and decorated the whole place.  It felt so homey and cozy! It was the perfect place to spend our first Christmas away from Georgia and our first Christmas without my brother... For those of you who are new to the blog we lost my brother last July to a drug overdose.  This was our first Christmas ever without him & there was no way we could imagine spending it the same way we had all the years before.  The beach was our favorite place to be as a family and it just made sense to be there this year for Christmas.  
Very cool sidetone: When mom got to the beach she walked out back on the porch and saw dolphins... she knew it was my brother there in spirit saying "Hey, mom! Merry Christmas!" :)

Our favorite place to hangout - the amazing porches (yes, plural!) the one of the bed swing was right off of our bedroom! We did our reading and bible studying out there.  The beach is absolutely our place of peace and restoration.  

Every year my family always gets a new ornament related to something that we either did, enjoyed, or a place we went to.  This year instead of doing a memory tree with all of our ornaments we did a memory tree for just my brother... It was beautiful and it was so much fun to look at all of the ornaments because everyone reminded us of another great memory of him.  The top left ornament is from The Davis Direction Foundation, a local foundation promoting Heroin/Opiate Addiction Awareness efforts. I picked some of my favorite ornaments- Continuing clockwise: me and my brother- one of my favorite pics of us, then a fish bc he used to be obsessed with fishing in middle school, a hot wheels car because to say he was obsessed with cars as a kid is an understatement,  he also loved basketball and played all of the time, and the final is a red tennis shoe that says " I believe I can fly"- mom and I found it at Hobby Lobby this year and HAD to buy it because he LOVED shoes (I'm pretty sure he had more tennis shoe than me!), he loved the color red, and he is flying with the angels now :) 
everything about it was just perfect!

My ornament this year ;)

It's no secret mom & I have a slight Starbucks obsession... this tree is decked out in our Starbucks ornaments we buy every year!

What We Did// 
Puzzles, Puzzles, and MORE puzzles!

Walks on the beach with this handsome guy :)

On Christmas Eve we lit candles in remembrance of my brother.

The obligatory Christmas morning family photo in matching pajamas, of course.

We also had bonfires on the beach at night - it was the first time we had ever done that- so much fun!!

What I Wore//
(On Christmas day) 
the rest of the days I rocked pajamas and workout gear
Piko Top: Sage Clothing {exact}
Black Skinnies: J.Lo via Kohls
Boots: Target- ON SALE! {exact}
Christmas Scarf: gifted (from Kohl's)

yep, can't have outfit pics taken without a little silly face action!

What We Ate//
Sweet Potato Waffles & Bacon 
French Toast w/ Cranberry Sauce & Gluten- free Sausage Cheese Muffins (used gluten free Bisquick)
Pumpkin Oatmeal Casserole & Bacon (Clean Eating)

Grilled Chicken BLT Salad
Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Tomato, Spinach, Sunflower seeds, hard boiled egg, balsamic dressing
Christmas Dinner Leftover Salad
Ham, cranberry sauce, tomatoes, avocado, hard boiled egg, spinach lettuce, & balsamic dressing

Note: we substituted vanilla greek yogurt for cream cheese & sugar in recipe- it was delish!!

Oh and yes we ate dinner every night, but this girl was hungraaay and totally forgot to take dinner pics! oops! 

Our Last Day//

And.... for your enjoyment... just so you know who I get my weirdness from ;)

As always, thanks for reading! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! 
Here is to a VERY belated Happy New Years! 

~ xoxo ~