Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Weekend Recap // JT Edition!

We crossed #78 off of the 101 in 1,001 Days Bucket List this weekend! We finally got to see JT in concert and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! He really is a serious entertainer - he can obviously sing, he has killer dance moves, and he plays guitar....swoon ;) I will stop and let the pics do all of the talking... please excuse the major fan girl moments of this entire post :)

But first....
The Outfit//
{ I couldn't decide what to wear so I left it up to all you girls on Facebook & Instagram... Thank you for all of your help! }

 {The winner was #1 -- #2 made an appearance the next day for a few family Christmas celebrations (Outfit post coming later this week) }
Outfit deets// 
Faux Leather Jacket: Forever21{similar}
Tank: American Eagle (old)
Skinnies: J.Lo via Kohls {love these}
Boots: DSW (old)
Necklace: Francesca's (old)

Concert Time//

{ These are our "OMGOSH I can't contain my excitement" faces.. you know, just in case you were wondering}

{ Our "hurry up, JT" smiles... He was about 40 minutes late to start, but once it started we totally forgave him! }

{The lighting and graphics were so awesome - 20/20 experience for sure!}

{He showed some serious fan love... let's pretend we were down there ;) }

{ The necessary concert pic, of course }

{ And then he was 20 feet in front of us! AHHHH!! }
Thank you moving stage! :)

Any JT fans out there?! Have you seen him in concert? 

P.S. The Hubs and I are about to head to Florida for our very first Christmas away from Georgia... We will seriously miss our family here, but we are so thankful to get away and change tradition since my brother will not be with us... Mom is already down there and when she stepped out on the deck she immediately saw a huge dolphin right by the shore... She said she knows Bug is there in spirit, sending her a dolphin :) 

Wishing everyone going somewhere for Christmas safe travels! 

~ xoxo ~

Thursday, December 18, 2014

FitnessFiles: Become a Clean Eating Bombshell

Well, we are smack dab in the middle of the holiday season and with all of the New Year's Resolutions being made - I thought a few tips on how to eat clean might be in order... I think you will find it really isn't as hard or overwhelming as it can sometimes seem! 
Follow these tips & you, my dear, are on your way to becoming a 
Clean Eating Bombshell!

1. Don’t be afraid of good fats.  
Fact: Fat is absolutely necessary for the body to function.  It is a great source to fuel your body & it can help keep you feeling full.  Avoid hydrogenated fats, oxidized fats, and processed fats, like in fried foods and packaged desserts/ snacks.  Instead, reach for nuts, avocados, and fish oil and cook with coconut oil and olive oil. 
2. Stay Hydrated. More water, please!  
I talk about the importance of water all the time but it really is key to keeping your body running optimally.  Staying hydrated helps you flush out toxins and absorb nutrients. 
Tip: Avoid drinking too much bottled water and instead invest in BPA free water bottles and fill them up with filtered water.  You can even add some delicious fruit to make it even tastier ;) #fancy
3. Eat more veggies & fruit.  
They are stocked full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  They are also the best source of carbohydrates since they are not processed.  Eating carbs isn’t bad, eating them from over processed sources like chips, bread, and refined sources is. 
Tip: When grocery shopping stick to the perimeter of the store (where a majority of the unprocessed foods are) and avoid the aisles as much as possible!
4. Stay away from the fake food. 
Easy rule of thumb: Avoid anything “low-fat” & “sugar-free!” They are loaded with artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.  I promise after a week or so, those things will not even taste good!
5. Listen to your body.  
I saved the best (and most important) for last…you will find a zillion different diets, workouts, advice, etc… but you know what? At the end of the day no diet is exactly perfect for every.single.person. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  Are you training for a marathon? Well, your diet will look very different from mine.  Why? Because you are expelling way more energy than me for much longer durations.  Chances are if you are eating what I am, you will feel sluggish, tired, and exhausted. If I ate what you should be eating, I would probably blow up like a balloon and feel miserable. Red meat make you feel nauseous? Okay, don’t eat it and Paleo is probably not the diet for you… Do raw veggies make your stomach feel uncomfortable & gassy? Then a vegetarian diet probably isn’t going to last too long for you. 
Bottom line: Explore different diets - what works for one person may not work for you.  Stay connected to how your body feels and adjust accordingly.  It is a process, but when you start eating what is right for your body, you will start to notice a significant difference in how you feel, your energy levels, and your performance.

{Do you have any clean eating tips I didn’t touch on here? Share in the comments below – I would love to hear them!}

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~ xoxo ~

Monday, December 15, 2014

StyleFiles: InstaLately

{a little sneak peek into my #ootd style lately via my Insta feed}

{Comfy & Casual}
Denim Jacket: American Eagle {similar}
Dress: LOFT 
Converse Sneaks 

{Cool Socks for Cooking}
Socks: Target

{Edgy Comfort}
Piko Top: Francesca's {exact}
Cargo Jacket: Forever 21 {similar}
Leggings: Francesca's {exact}
Boot Socks: Target
Boots: DSW {similar}

{hanging with this hunk}
we may or may not be binge watching Castle ;)

{Date Night}
Sweater: Francesca's
Tank: Forever 21 {exact}
Jeans: Joes's Jeans {similar}
Pumps: Nine West via TJ Maxx {similar}
Purse: Kate Spade
Phone Case: CaseMate {exact}

{Splits59 Style}
Leggings & Leg Warmers: Splits59 {exact}

{a little lace}
Jacket: same as above
Tank: Express {similar}
Skinnies: J.Lo via Kohls
Flats: Express {exact}

{Holiday Partay Time}
Top: Francesca's (old)
Belt: Target {similar}
Skinnies (same as above)
Wedges: Target {similar}
Necklace: Francesca's {exact}
Watch: Michael Kors

andddd... the MESSY BUN is BACK!! whoop whoop! :)

{Happy Monday, Everyone!}

~ xoxo ~

Monday, December 8, 2014

FitnessFiles: 3 Day Cleanse// A Review

Okay, so some of you may know I did my very first cleanse last week… It was only 3 days, but here is my *HONEST* opinion, day to day experience, results, and thoughts… (spoiler…it was not rainbows and butterflies for this girl!)

Day One//

Workout: PiYo Strength Intervals
Meal Plan: The Fiber Sweep for breakfast was not my fave, the consistency was gross to me, but I suffered through. The meal plan consists of Shakeology, Vanilla Fresh Shakes, veggies, fruit, LOTS of tea (for me at least), even more water, & healthy fats.  It does NOT consist of coffee, processed foods, or meat. Cravings: none. J
Mood: Overall, I was totally fine.  Plenty of energy, no crazy cravings, and I even lived with NO coffee! It was a success in my book!

Day Two//

Workout: None
Meal Plan: same as the day before; my coffee cravings were crazyyy so my tea consumption was up like 1000% percent!  My go to foods were blueberries, carrots, kale, and avocado.  Cravings: coffee & meat!
Mood: Sluggish & tired.  I really had no energy (sadly, might be from no coffee) I also felt super bloated, which was discouraging since I was so stinkin’ hungraaay!

Day Three// Last Day!

Workout: PiYo Sweat
Meal Plan: same as day before; the consistency of the fiber sweep in the am was less than desirable, not sure I could drink that one more day!  The Vanilla Fresh Shakes were really good though, especially with blueberries or strawberries mixed in! Go to foods were carrots, blueberries, watermelon, and sunflower seeds & lots more tea! My chocolate Shakeology was def the meal I looked forward to most each day!  Cravings: Burger, coffee, &  feta cheese.
Mood: Super Grouchy & tired & even more bloated! I thought working out would help… I was def a little less grouchy, but still really tired!

Okay so my 3 main takeaways were:
1.     I def have a coffee addiction.  If there was any question before, this was confirmed by the super bad headache that set in on Day 2.  You would be proud to know I have decided to limit my Starbucks consumption to 2 times per week! And only 1 cup of coffee allll day! Baby steps, over here, baby steps.
2.     Cleanses are really freakin hard! I honestly thought because we eat so clean on a daily basis already, the three days would be smooth sailing.  But my body missed coffee and meat, especially when you still have to cook yummy dinner for the Hubs and smell delicious coffee in the morning… a cruel kind of torture for this girl!
3.     No matter the moodiness & bloating I felt on days 2 & 3 the results come day 4 were TOTALLY worth it! I felt so much leaner and getting some amazing coffee in me first thing in the morning was just amazing! I took this picture below at night after eating a burger and drinking a big ol’ glass of vino! Usually, by the end of the day I don’t feel nearly as lean as when I wake up, but since the cleanse I have felt much more lean, my stomach is super sensitive to bad foods (aka processed foods) which is great bc I just don’t even want to taste any cookies or anything! Kind of cool heading into holidays, I feel my willpower is stronger already! J

Have you ever done a cleanse?  Which one did you do? Did you suffer as much as me?! or maybe I am just a baby...that is possible!

For more info on my 3 day cleanse, check it out here: 3 Day Refresh Packages & Video
 If you are interested in trying the cleanse I have a group starting right after New Years Day, so if you want to kick off the New Year in high gear, message me at Danielle Dunn Fitness on Facebook OR email me at danielleadams28 (at) gmail (dot) com

Friday, November 21, 2014

FitnessFiles: Where to Shop for Cute Workout Wear

Thought I would share my fave stores to shop for fitness gear & I listed them from least expensive to most.  Hope this helps some of you (us) on a budget to not pop over to a website filled with amazing clothes that you (we) just cannot afford right now… that is just a cruel form of TORTURE!  Enjoy lovelies!

// FOREVER21 ($)
You are prob like what, Danielle? Forever 21 for workout gear?! Yep! They actually have super cute stuff, fun colors and prints! Now the quality is not super amazing but hey it works if you are on a tight budget!
 {My Picks}

// TARGET ($)
They usually have pretty sweet gear for super affordable prices.  I like to buy my tanks and capris here.  But to be fair, it is hit or miss over there.
{My Picks}

Similar to a Dick’s Sporting Goods, if you have never heard of it… but basically they have great brands like Nike (no brainer?!?), Under Armour, and Adidas for cheaper prices than any other dept store.
{My Picks}

// ATHLETA ($$- $$$)
They are my new go-to for cute, warm workout apparel.  I feel like their clothes work well for runners and for yoga types too.  It’s a perfect mix! They also have a really cool return policy, you can wear it and workout in it, and if you decide you don’t like the way it fits or feels just return it (or exchange it bc returning is mean J -- bad retail karma!)
{My Picks}
Tank - ON SALE!

// CARBON38.COM ($$- $$$$)
I just stumbled upon this little gem last week and lets just say it is basically my dream closet of workout wear! They have brands like Splits59 (AMAZING!), Koral Activewear, Under Armour, Alo Yoga (A FAVE!)…. It is just a massive collection of stylish workout wear! Warning: The prices vary greatly some items from $20 - $500
{My Picks}
Every ONZIE Tank
Every pair of the ALO YOGA Leggings (but seriously, those Goddess Ribbed leggings MUST get in my closet!)

{Others worth mentioning}
// BEYOND YOGA ($$-$$$) – Amazing fabric and super breathable / stylish!
// FABLETICS.COM ($- $$) – Kate Hudson’s little line of really cute workout wear.  You do sign up for a membership and your first order is $25 for an ENTIRE workout outfit! Score! This membership has been on the wishlist for a while now… hoping to try it out very soon... hint!hint!nudge!nudge!...Hubs ;)

What are your favorite places to shop for sweet workout wear?! I would love to check them out!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

My very first blog video // A Scarf Tutorial

Okay, so first things first...
the outfit//

the deets//
Scarf: Francesca's {similar - on super sale!}
Jeans: American Eagle {similar} {similar - on sale!}
Sweater: LOFT {exact}
Hat: Macy's {similar}
 Booties: Target {similar}

You know when you put on and outfit & you instantly feel more confident? Yeah, well this outfit was that for me! I was having way too much fun taking the blog pics! :)

Now for the video! Ahh! So if you have ever filmed a vid, gah the faces you see when you start and stop the vid is hilarious! I thought I would share some of the best ones ^^ up there for your enjoyment!
Be nice & I promise I will get wayyy better...eventually ;)

the vid//

You can watch it over on my  YouTube Channel too :)
the scarves//

Let me know if this helps you out! & thanks for coming and hanging out!