Thursday, July 10, 2014

StyleFiles: sunflowers

Sorry chambray, its way too hot for you!

The Outfit//
Dress: DressUp [Just bought in stores, not available online]
Chambray shirt: American Eagle {similar}
Sandals: Target {similar}

Arm Candy// 
Both gold bracelets: Francesca's {similar - All jewels are Buy 1, Get 1 for $5 right now!} 
Green Wrap bracelet: Funky Mountain Flowers and Gifts

So, 2 things: 1/The sunflowers are HUGE and even taller than me (I am kinda short, so maybe that's not saying much, but you get my drift) They are awesome! 2/Apparently, for me mouth open= happy face...haha, I should work on that...

The Place//
The cutest little farm I ever did see :)
Y'all, seriously, if you live in Cumming or anywhere near it you should make a trip to Anderson Farms.  They have fields and fields of the most gorgeous sunflowers that you can pick yourself and buy & if thats not reason enough they even have a completely adorable barn styled and ready for family pictures or really any pictures. Check out their Facebook page for more photos. I wish I could have taken a few of the barn, but you have to pay, and well, I'm cheap.

I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday and stay cool out there, it's toasty!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

StyleFiles: Currently Crushing On// July

2// Leopard Pumps {BCBGLouise Et Cie}
5//Top Shop Stripe Swimsuit {This is THE suit I must get this summer}
7//CaseMate iPhone 5c Cover {the cutest 5c case I ever did see}

Obviously I have leopard, stripes, and chambray on my mind...what's new?! I am in total Summer mode - easy breezy dresses, hats, swimsuits, and simple accessories.  
What are you crushing on this month?

Wanting more of my top July wish list items, hop on over to my  Pinterest Wishlist Board :)

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend Recap// Celebrating in Savannah

Isle of Hope

First off, happy belated 4th of July! I hope you had the most wonderful Independence Day celebrations to date!

My firework fail... not one looks as fabulous as all of the amazing ones I saw on FB and Instagram... the center one does kind of look like a flower though, so maybe thats the counts as cool. i tried.

Josh and I planned a super last minute trip to Savannah for the holiday weekend.  It was my first time there and the beautiful cobblestone roads, old mossy trees, and delicious food did not disappoint!

We stayed with some friends (thanks, Candice & Jarred!) on Friday and they helped show us around the beautiful town.

We took full advantage of the open container free pass // not really sure what it is actually called but basically you can walk around freely with alcoholic beverages… A college kids dream {i'm just glad I wasn't  college kid in Savannah, sounds like trouble...}

Jen's & Friends {AMAZING MARTINIS}// over 50+ delicious martini choices.  I never drink liquor, like ever, but I sure do love my wine.  Honestly, I just hate the taste of liquor but these puppies were delish.  Basically, dessert in your glass, in our case- 2 desserts...oops! And yes... we took one to go, you know, just to let out our inner college kid spirit ;)
 First round: Rocky Road{me} & Butterfinger {Josh}

Round twoo: White Elephant {me} & Snickers {Josh}
We literally ate our way through Savannah {in true foodie fashion} // here is the proof
p.s. I seriously need to work on my picture taking skills bc I got so excited about all of the food I remembered to take some pictures and the ones I did were already half-way #2.

Dinner Saturday night at the Olde Pink House was so wonderful! Josh and I got the shrimp & Sausage spring roll appetizer and shared the pecan crusted chicken dinner. We will absolutely be going back!

Honey tasting at Savannah Bee Company. You must try the winter white honey. It's like honey icing, Josh and I are going to try and mix it with our coffee instead of cream and see how it tastes... I will let you know how it goes. They also have wine & all sorts of body care products.  very neat place.
The Coffee Fox for our morning fix Sunday... they fulfilled my dream of having a coffee heart :) day.was.made.
It's a super artsy coffee shop with no syrup flavors {my Starbucks loving' self was in shock} but it was so good and we will go back next time we are in town.
Not pictured: We also ate our way through dinner at  Fire Street Food {an eclectic collection of eats from sushi to burgers} & brunch at b.matthews {totally worth the wait}

Savannah in all it's beauty// photos from the Isle of Hope & downtown 

One of the many adorable downtown squares.

Not a bad place to take a morning walk... so out of Nicholas Sparks book.

I would love to hear about how you spent your holiday weekend!