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Hi! Welcome to StyleCrush Diaries, a fashion & lifestyle blog.
My name is Danielle.
I am so glad you are here! You can expect to find my take on fashion, fitness, faith, and some extra thoughts along the way. Go ahead, take a peek inside.  J

Our {short} love story
Josh (aka the Hubs) and I have a pretty awesome love story (I may be biased) but those times when you hear about love at first sight, well that happened to us.  Its a long story so I will save the details for a special post, but know that we BOTH called our moms and told them we had met the person we were going to marry.  Yeah, we were so cute J

While still dating in college we rescued our adorable pup, Asher, who is a complete snuggle bug.  He is one of the most loved and spoiled dogs around, but he is also the most loving around so it works.  He will literally kiss you to death if we let him.  {You will be seeing a lot of him around here}

 Post graduation We said “I do” in April 2013.  5 days later we moved to Spokane Valley, Washington.  Fast forward 8 months, we moved back to Georgia, because well, I HATED it out there and the Hubs got an incredible job, so it was win-win. 

So now here we are back with family, pursuing our dreams, and learning to love each other more and more everyday.  Marriage is truly an amazing never ending work in progress.

 Some {fun} facts
I believe God is love. His Grace is life-changing.  And a Christ- centered marriage is the best kind of marriage.

I blog because I love it and it makes me so happy! It’s a creative outlet for me and allows me to share my thoughts on fashion, faith, and fitness while also proving to be a chronicle of our lives (complete with pictures) I can share with our future kiddos one day.

I am a perfectionist.  It’s sometimes a good thing, sometimes it’s not. 

I write like I talk and use shortened words that don’t truly exist all the time.  oh and I use run on sentences like nobodies business.  If you are looking for a wonderfully grammatical blog, this isn’t it.

I am a total lover.  Love can change the world. I am also a dreamer.  When you stop dreaming, you stop living. 

My husband makes me a better me.  He pushes me, encourages me, and loves me like no one else on Earth.    

Starbucks is my place.  The coffee is my jam. If you ever want to have a little StarB date, you will be my favorite.

Home is my happy place.  Curled up on the couch with the Hubs, Asher, and a glass of vino.  perfection. Bonus: being in a home on the beach.  {dream}

The Hubs and I love movies.  We go almost every week, maybe more.  We like to do what we call a “double feature” aka we see a movie, go eat lunch, go see another one.  It’s quite fun.  You should try it. 

If I am reading a really good book, good luck trying to find me.  I am tucked away somewhere forgetting to eat or do anything else really, except of course to turn the next page.  Which by the way, a hardcopy book will always be my favorite, sorry Nook, I won’t be using you, ever. 

I believe healthy living is 80% nutrition & 20% fitness.  You cannot out run, lift, or downward dog a bad diet, you just can’t. 

My planner goes everywhere with me.  I have anxiety if I leave home without it. 

I am passionate about fashion, healthy living, and journaling.  {hence, this lil beaut} A dream of mine is to create a career by combining all of these passions.  Here is to getting one step closer. 

I have never really cooked, like… ever, unless it involved a microwave, then maybe I did a little.  Until…. This month and I have to admit, I’m kinda good.  I really enjoy combining things together and seeing Hubs face when he takes the first bite.  Shout out to the Crock Pot, you make cooking fun. 

I believe working out should be fun and challenging. A healthy diet looks different for each and every person.  No two people should eat the exact same way. Find what works for you. 

I am an encourager.  I may not always answer my phone (I’m working on this) but if you hang around me you can bet I will be your number one fan, supporting and encouraging you all the way.

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