Thursday, July 9, 2015

Living || Life Lately from A to Z

So I love reading Julie's blog Peanut Butter Fingers and last week she posted a fun little blog survey that just kind of touches on life from A to Z. I thought it would be fun to join in so... here ya go, life from A to Z...

a || Age: 26

b || Biggest Fear: Well, this is starting off interesting.  I guess I will go ahead and be really honest and transparent.  It's the fear of not being able to get pregnant.  I have never been told I can't get pregnant, but for some reason I just have this strong feeling I can't.  I have been assured trying for a year is totally normal.  I try to remind myself it's God's timing, not mine but, still.  I cry about it a lot. Hopefully I am just doing a lot of pointless worrying, hence letter w.  

c || Current Time: 11:20am

d || Drink you last had: Coffee - go figure! 

e || Easiest person to talk to: The Hubs... he's on this little list a lot.  It's kind of like I love him or something ;)

f || Favorite Song: See You Again - Wiz Khalifa. Reminds me of my brother - When I sing it, I sing it to him. 

g || Grossest Memory: Okay. Warning this is nasty... When I was probably 6 my bff and I shared a coke and a corn dog.  She took a sip then I took a sip but it had a little something extra, some of her chewed up corndog.  Let's just say, no more sharing drinks and def no more corn dogs! ugh!

h || Hometown: Acworth, GA

i || In love with: The Hubs and Asher.  I love the little home we've built and I can't imagine sharing this life with anyone else. 

j || Jealous of: Girls who find the perfect red lipstick. I try, I just can't. Do you have it?! Please tell me what your secret weapon is! 

k || Kindest person you know: my mom & my best friend, Kirsten. 

l || Longest relationship: 5 1/2 Years with the Hubs :)

Back when we just started dating...

m || Middle name: Nicole. When I was younger I wanted to change my name to Nicole, mostly because a) I hated being called Daniel and b) some people called me Dani Boy... like, why? Scarring for a young girl, ya know? haha I seemed to have recovered though...

n || Number of siblings: This is a really weird one for me to answer. People ask me, I still feel strange answering it.  So I will answer it in terms like this: Alive - 2 step brothers, Matt & Nick; Up in heaven: 1 brother, Josh 

he clearly got his silly face skills from me...

o || One wish: I could talk to my brother again.  The night it happened.  Before he made that decision that ended his life.  I talk more about him and what happened in this post: Pain, Forgiveness, & Healing

p || Person you spoke to on the phone last: The Hubs 

q || Question you are always asked: "Is that your natural hair?!" I have naturally extremely curly and unruly hair and yes, I hate it and I know one day I will love it!

r || Reason to smile: Dancing in my favorite dress :) More awesome twirling skills here

s || Song you last sang: "We Got It Goin' On" - Backstreet Boys. Thank you 90s Pop Radio on Pandora!

t || Time you woke up: Today was my day off - yay! Slept in until 8am! Which if you know me, is actually really late!

u || Underwear color: this is kinda weird... so... my workout shorts are coral & grey 

v || Vacation destination: Hawaii.  My grandma took me there for 3 weeks when I graduated college.  We did a cruise around all of the islands + stayed on the main land.  I absolutely freakin loved it! The people, the food, the chill mood everywhere.  It was perfect.  

w || Worst habit: Worrying. I know it's pointless.  I worry about that fact too. endless cycle. 

x || X-Rays you've had: none come to mind...

y || Your favorite food: Does coffee & wine count as food? haha kidding... umm, lately probably sushi.   

z || Zodiac sign: Scorpio.  

{Have you done a life lately post? I would love to read it! 
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  1. <3! Thanks for sharing, Danielle! I love your spirit - I can see it in your smile and I can tell it's contagious to those around you. I'm so sorry about what happened to your brother but I know you have the support system you need, especially in your hubby and your faith to keep you strong. I pray that you and your hubby are able to get pregnant this year and yes, it is all in His time! Keep your spirit and keep sharing it with us - I love seeing your style and reading your posts!

    1. Jen,
      Thank you for the sweet words, encouragement, and of course, reading! I seriously appreciate the prayers. <3