Monday, October 20, 2014

StyleFiles// The Necklace

I apologize in advance because this necklace will be on repeat! One of my good friends, Tori, has started her own custom jewelry business, so of course I had to get one! :) I seriously could not love this necklace any more! 
Ignore the crazy amount of wrinkles and just look at the pretty necklace ;) hehe
The necklace// 
So here is it's backstory, yeah... it already has a story! ;) So originally we started designing it with the Hubs and I's anniversary and our initials, but then Tori had the brilliant idea of adding some charms for my brother... genius! She went to the store and handpicked my charms herself.  She sent me pics, asked me which I liked the best, what colors I wanted... she basically went above and beyond to create my special necklace! The necklace is currently sporting the Hubs and I's anniversary, an arrow symbolizing the future, and a 4 leaf clover + diamond to represent my brother (he had both a clover and diamond tattoo, he loved those things!). In the future I can add the birthstones of our munchkins and maybe even their birthdays, basically this little necklace will grow as our fam grows :)

The outfit//
Jeans: Joe's Jeans {exact}
Top: TJ Maxx (only $10!score!)
Flats: Lauren Conrad via Kohls 
A splash of silliness for good measure!

Okay so here is the deal... You can hop on over to her page on Facebook Touching Moments Custom Jewelry and show her some love! I am trying to talk her into an Etsy shop, I think she would rock at it... If you think so too just comment below and tell her you think so! :)

As always, thanks for stopping by! Happy Monday everyone!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dreaming && Doing

Hi Everyone! Remember my last post where I told you there were lots of big changes and plans being made around the Dunn House... Well...  oops hang on! let's first talk about a baby because I realized after I posted it that that was everyone's first guess... Oops! Sorry, but NO, no baby...yet ;) 

So what was I actually talking about? Danielle Dunn Fitness ! Ahhh! Just typing it out is SO exciting and SCARY at the same time! For those who know me personally, you know I am super passionate about fitness, nutrition, and healthy living.  So with the INCREDIBLE support of my husband, family, and Beachbody team I decided to take the leap & become a fitness coach with Beachbody

So how did I get here? My entire childhood I dreamed of doing a career that I LOVED, that made a difference in people's lives, and that didn't feel like "work."  What was I actually doing? Working insanely crazy hours as a retail manager for a corporate company that was seriously slacking in upper management and making barely enough money to pay bills! I was stressed, unhappy, and frustrated to the max! As a result, I brought all my stress home.  I didn't want to do anything but turn my brain off!  I didn't want to work out. I didn't want to cook meals. I didn't want to even talk.  In short, I was a seriously crappy wife our first year of marriage. I thank God all of the time that Josh loved me through that first year like a champ! Most of you know the story, but for those who don't here is the short version...  We moved back home to Georgia, things got a little better, found another job I enjoyed, it wasn't perfect but oh so much better than what I was doing, but I still knew that I was supposed to be doing something else... I could just feel it deep in my soul. Then. life.stopped. I lost my one and only younger brother.  At first, I was in shock, then I was super depressed, which then turned into anxiety, I just stopped living for a few months. Nothing seemed worth it, getting out of bed, looking for a job, working out, eating healthy,... the list goes on.  Eventually and in spurts I felt God tugging on my heart. He wanted to help me heal, but I wasn't ready! Slowly, I began to make peace with everything, I began to trust God fully again, I forgave, I started living again... of course I am still healing, it's a slow process but with the Lord and the love and support of all those around me I am learning to love life again.  For the last month I started looking for jobs again, at first I told myself no more retail, but I started to compromise, it felt wrong but the people were so amazing. I thought, maybe I can do the long hours again, for just a little bit... I started to settle... BUT then I didn't. For the first time in a really long time... I listened to my heart, Josh and I prayed and I truly tuned into God's whisper in my ear.  Enter Marion Green, who introduced me to Beachbody, to coaching, to an incredible job that could not be more perfect for me! I started learning about what the company stood for, I watched hours and hours of videos on coaching, on the programs, on the products, with every video I connected more, I wanted to learn more, I wanted to be that inspiration for some other girl who is struggling with the same disappointing career path I had, for the person who has had tragedy strike their life and their health and wellness took a back burner.  I wanted to be the change for someone else.  Not long after I first learned about coaching I committed to becoming a Beachbody fitness coach and I started the 21 Day Fix Program. Best. Decision. Ever. (beside marrying the Hubs, of course ;) ) 

My "whys" I finally decided to go after my dreams.  

Everyday since I became a fitness coach I have fallen more and more in love with Beachbody and my new career.   I get to wake up everyday, make my own schedule, workout, find and make yummy healthy recipes, run fun & challenging fitness groups, create exciting content, encourage, and motivate for a living! Sometimes all I can think about is why did I not know this opportunity existed, like, I don't know... 5 years ago!! then I try and remind myself... God's timing, Danielle. God's timing.  

So what do I do as a fitness coach?  The short version: I get to provide my clients with personal encouragement, motivation, and accountability on a daily basis!  What does this look like? Every month I hold a few challenge groups ran by me online via Facebook for clients as they work through a Beachbody workout program.  I will provide the additional encouragement, accountability, and answers you would normally not receive from a home-based workout regimen.  Some of my groups will be based on a specific fitness program, some on nutrition, and some even just on healthy living in general. My ultimate goal for the challenge groups and for my clients is to challenge and encourage them to reach goals they have set for themselves then EXCEED them! 

If you ever want to know more about coaching or if you are ready to start living a healthier life please email me at danielleadams28(at)gmail(dot)com or hop on over to my webpage. As always thank you so much for reading & for your love and encouragement! This is such a HUGE and EXCITING time and I am so glad I get to share it with you! :) 
p.s. Happy National Boss Day to all those #girlbossess out there owning it!