Monday, October 20, 2014

StyleFiles// The Necklace

I apologize in advance because this necklace will be on repeat! One of my good friends, Tori, has started her own custom jewelry business, so of course I had to get one! :) I seriously could not love this necklace any more! 
Ignore the crazy amount of wrinkles and just look at the pretty necklace ;) hehe
The necklace// 
So here is it's backstory, yeah... it already has a story! ;) So originally we started designing it with the Hubs and I's anniversary and our initials, but then Tori had the brilliant idea of adding some charms for my brother... genius! She went to the store and handpicked my charms herself.  She sent me pics, asked me which I liked the best, what colors I wanted... she basically went above and beyond to create my special necklace! The necklace is currently sporting the Hubs and I's anniversary, an arrow symbolizing the future, and a 4 leaf clover + diamond to represent my brother (he had both a clover and diamond tattoo, he loved those things!). In the future I can add the birthstones of our munchkins and maybe even their birthdays, basically this little necklace will grow as our fam grows :)

The outfit//
Jeans: Joe's Jeans {exact}
Top: TJ Maxx (only $10!score!)
Flats: Lauren Conrad via Kohls 
A splash of silliness for good measure!

Okay so here is the deal... You can hop on over to her page on Facebook Touching Moments Custom Jewelry and show her some love! I am trying to talk her into an Etsy shop, I think she would rock at it... If you think so too just comment below and tell her you think so! :)

As always, thanks for stopping by! Happy Monday everyone!



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    1. Thank you Sienna! My friend makes them and she totally personalizes each one! :)