Interested in having me as your personal online fitness coach? Awesome! :) 

Here is a little more about what I do & how I can help you live healthier this year!
I run online challenge groups & bootcamps through private Facebook groups where people from all over the country join up to support, motivate, and encourage one another as we ALL strive to live healthier together!  In these groups I post daily providing you with nutrition tips + recipes + motivation + workout challenges + technique tips + with splashes of fun fashion! Because fashion is important too ;) I am basically YOUR personal cheerleader & go-to for any and all fitness & health related questions and accountability. Oh and the groups are just fun! Where else can you post a super sweaty workout pic and people actually think it's awesome?!

Okay, here are your challenge group & bootcamp menu options: 

Sometimes the holidays, vacations, a busy life, and bad eating catch up with you!  Your body is CRAVING a cleanse….  don’t opt for the harsh cleanses where you practically starve yourself!  With this 3-day cleanse, you’ll actually be FEEDING your body what it needs to lose the bloat and those last few pesky pounds to break your plateau and get you on the right track again. Expect to lose anywhere between 2 and 10 lbs in 3 days. Your kit will come with:
   30 Day Supply of Shakeology (your daily dose of dense nutrition….I drink this stuff EVERY.SINGLE. DAY - it's my fave :) )
   Vanilla Fresh Protein Shakes (6)
   Fiber Sweep Drinks (3)
   Nutrition plan
   Recipes that are cleanse-approved (and actually taste good)
   Access to private Facebook accountability group
   Me as your coach :)
I have a group kicking off right after New Years Day! Email me to reserve your spot!

Ahhhhh!!  I LOVE this program.  If you want to hit that “reset button” on your nutrition AND fitness while creating truly new habits that are going to get you cruising toward your goal weight…then THIS is the program for you!  Lose up to 15 lbs. in 21 days  I hold a new 21 Day Bootcamp every month.  I CAP OUT my participation for this group because it’s so popular, so what are you waiting for?  Email me and let’s go!!  Your kit will come with:
   Fitness Program
   Complete nutrition guide with meal plan ideas and recipes
   Portion control containers
   First 30-days worth of Shakeology (flavor of your choice!)
   Free 30-day trial to Beachbody Club Membership
   Access to private Facebook accountability group
   Me as your coach :)

{30/60/90 DAY BOOTCAMPS}
I can coach you through any fitness program you choose! Check out Danielle Dunn Fitness on Facebook for the latest news about groups or email me and let’s talk!  I’m always announcing new program-specific challenge groups.

What are the requirements to join a challenge or bootcamp?
Your commitment to the group is KEY to your success!  I am committed to your success and helping you reach your goals, but it's a 2 way street!  

   Choose a Beachbody fitness program
   Drink Shakeology for 1 meal a day for the length of the challenge or bootcamp
   Nutrition:Follow meal plans & clean diet guidelines provided

{2 ways to get everything you need to begin your journey}
1)  Purchase a Beachbody Challenge Pack
  Challenge Pack include your fitness program, Shakeology, 30-day Club/VIP Membership, Free Shipping all at a discounted price, saving you up to $54.  Shop Fitness Programs

2)  Commit to Shakeology Every Day
  If you already have the workout program, you can simply commit to drinking Shakeology daily.  Order Shakeology

What are your goals? Why are you ready to make a change? Email me at & let’s get started figuring out the best fitness program for YOU and YOUR goals today! I can’t wait to help you plan a healthier 2015! :)

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