Wednesday, January 21, 2015

FitnessFiles: Workouts of the Week (New Series!)

It's Wednesday! And since it starts with a "W" I thought I would go ahead and start a new series around here cleverly called Workouts of the know, gotta keep the "W's" together ;) 

 I get asked a lot about what I do for workouts- being a fitness coach for Beachbody I do a lot of their at home workout programs, but I also have a gym membership that I use to go to classes with some of my friends and with the frigid cold temps I also give the treadmill & ellipticals some love too. When it starts to get warmer I hit the track and some trails around our house for sprint workouts - my fave!! I am not currently training for anything specifically, so my fitness goals right now are just to have fun! Which I recommend always! Whenever I do start to train for something again (I am thinking about doing another bikini competition or a half marathon!) I will def let you know - so maybe you can join me :)
 So my idea for this weekly series is to share my week-to-week workout regimen and also share any workouts I create on my own.  Oh and I may throw a recipe or 2 in every once in awhile if I actually cook something kind of's rare, so don't get your hopes up! 

Let's kick this thing off!

Sunday: OFF
Monday: OFF
Wednesday: OFF
Friday: T25 Speed 1.0
Saturday: Bodyweight Treadmill Circuit

So side note / smallish vent sesh - the above workout was made up on the fly bc my friend and I were lucky enough to snag 2 treadmills... which I  consider a slight miracle considering the obscene amount of people at the gym.  We went Saturday with every intention of taking BodyPump but to say we were claustrophobic in that exercise room is an understatement! Oh my! SO -MANY- PEOPLE! Let's just say we will not be visiting any Saturday morning classes at the gym until at least March to give all of the resolutioners time to fall off the bandwagon ( that bad to think..? I do wish them the very best & I sincerely hope they stick with it!) 


Times like Saturday make me thankful for the option to workout at home... what about you- do insanely packed gyms make you kind of crazy? Do you prefer at home workouts or the gym? 

~ xoxo ~

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