Friday, September 12, 2014

101 in 1001 Days Update

September 2014// 101 in 1001 Days Update
As I update my list I am recognizing a few of things: 1. Since June of this year I have been busy.  I am grateful for the opportunities I have had.  2. I am reminded of how short life is & living a full life is the ultimate goal of the list. & 3. I feel like I am cruising right along I still have about 3.5 years to complete the list.  I’m feeling confident.  Here’s to 11 more updates to the list!

#31: Officially become members at Browns Bridge.//
We are officially members of a long-term married couples group!! We both are SO excited!

#46: Visit 10 states and document through pictures.//
July & August 2014 // Florida

September 2014// California

#48: Visit 10 new cities with Josh. (3/10)//
Savannah, GA 7.4.14
San Francisco, CA 9.4.14
Sausalito, CA 9.5.14
Santa Cruz, CA 9.7.14

#58: Discover 10 new favorite restaurants (3/10)
Copita {Sausalito, CA}

#60: Make 10 recipes off of Pinterest. (5/10)
Our favorite lunch// BLTA Wraps
{no mayo for me, we sub ranch for mayo}
Carrot Fail// Healthy Carrot Fries
{turned out squishy and gross. Sad face.}
The Hub’s favorite// Southwest Burgers
{I make them with grass fed beef rather than turkey}
Easy Peasy //  Veggie Chicken Dinner
The best salad// Pizza Salad
{seriously amazing for pizza lovers! We do add chicken because, well, we like meat}
#68: Pay for the car behind me at Starbucks.//August 2014
{Confession – I got pulled over for speeding but the cop let me off with a warning (thank you!) so I stopped at StarB to spread the good karma love I will def do this again!}

#70: Collect a Starbucks mug from every state or city we visit.
Florida// July 2014
California// September 2014

#74: Go on a date day with my brother (paid for by me)//
I obviously cannot do this, but He & I had a Starbucks date the week before he passed so although it isn’t an entire date day like I had hoped, I will forever remember that morning.  #74 will always remind me to never take moments, people, and life for granted. Life is just too short!

#77: Read 20 new books. (2/20)//
The Chance {Karen Kingsbury}// June 2014
The Best of Me {Nicholas Sparks}// July 2014 – btw they are making this into a movie! Cannot wait!

#88: Try 10 new things. (3/10)//
April 2014// We joined a wine club at Talk of the Table.
July 2014// {Booked Savannah hotel, $100 cheaper /night and VERY pleased!}
Sept 2014// Mint Mojito Iced Coffee {Philz Coffee in Palo Alto AMAZEBALLS!!}
Sept 2014// Rented a car! Perks of being 25 I guess.

#96: Buy 3 new board games and play them! (1/3)//
Bananagrams // July 2014 {It’s not a board game per say but it is super fun if you like Scrabble, I totally recommend it!}

As always, I would love to check out your 101 in 1001 list.  Please share in the comments below! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Happy Friday!

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