Wednesday, August 22, 2012

FitnessFiles: Eats ~Snack Edition

So, if you have read my about page, you already know health and fitness are a HUGE part of my life!  I believe nutrition is the most important aspect of healthy living, however, it is often overlooked or misunderstood. I hope throughout this “Eats” series you find encouragement, new facts, yummy AND healthy eats, and advice you feel like you can incorporate into your daily life! After all, if I have learned anything from my experience with nutrition - it has to be attainable AND delicious, it’s all about progress.  If there is ever anything you want to see on here please let me know! You can leave a comment or send me an email (  Please note I am not a registered dietician and all advice given on here is strictly from my personal experience. I promise if you ask anything I do not know the answer to – I will do my best to find an answer for you! More often than not – I’ll ask Josh (he’s my nutrition guru / amazing cook!) he knows WAYYY more than I do about all things nutrition. 

Starting off the series I’m going to share my top 3 favorite snacks! Keep in mind I do not like LOATHE cooking, so you will not find much of that around here. Snacks are no exception. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Emerald Vanilla Roast Almonds – ohmydeliciousness, these puppies are like mini cookies in your mouth! If you have not tried them, these are my top recommendation! I have not met one person who does not like them.  Unfortunately, I cannot find them anywhere except for SOME Targets, and when I do there is only like 2 or 3 left. Sorry if you find they are sold out, I probably bought the rest of the stock. Oops.  (Also, the cocoa roasted ones are delish as well)
2. Terra Cinnamon Sweet Potato and Apple chips (Warning: These are addictive, so for portion control I recommend getting out how much you want and putting the bag back- far, far away!) I have also tried the Terra Original Veggie chips they are very good too especially with some guac. (All varieties gluten free)
3. Blue Diamond NutThin Crackers (all varieties are gluten-free) – I eat these every day, and tend to make meals with them, partly bc of their deliciousness, partly due to my lack of cooking skills.   I have tried the Almond NutThins with a Hint of Sea Salt, the Pecan NutThins, and the Almond NutThins with Chedder Cheese.  The last two options are my faves! I can eat these alone or make a meal with them- here are a couple of my meal options:

        * 1 serving (about 16 crackers) with a Laughing Cow garlic and herb cheese wedge and honey ham (I eat Hormel honey ham –its gluten free) I make little ham and cheese cracker sandwiches
        * 1 serving with a Laughing Cow tomato and basil cheese wedge and sliced pepperoni ( I try and get the reduced sodium kind if they have it) If you like pizza, these will become your new best friends! They are like mini pizzas! This is by far my favorite way to eat these delicious crackers. 

Side note: I do not have Celiacs Disease, I choose to eat mainly gluten free for the health benefits.  If you are curious what these are I will answer any questions via email and I am sure I will do a post about gluten soon!
Just a brief history - Josh and I decided to start watching our gluten intake about a year and a half ago.  Over the course of that time I have not only felt SO much healthier, but I have also lost a significant amount of weight (which was not my original intention).  For me, watching gluten was a part of a total lifestyle change.  I am so thankful for that change, because I have found new passions for exercise and healthy living. Here is a picture of my transformation:
I would love to hear about your favorite go-to healthy snacks and if you have tried any of my suggestions! If so, did you love them as much as me?!
Also, if you have experienced a lifestyle change I would love to hear all about it! Email me at We can share and encourage eachother! :)
Be healthy. Be confident. Be beautiful.
Much love!


  1. Love laughing cow. So good on celery or crackers!

    1. Ohh I will definately have to try it on celery! That sounds delish! Thanks fo rthe suggestion Amy!

  2. LOVE this post! I am always looking for healthy snacks (especially with the whole pregnancy thing :) ) and these are great ideas that I can keep in my office. So seriously...thank you!
    My go-to snack is string cheese and a handful of almonds. I definitely have eaten my share of the laughing cow too!
    XO - Marion

    1. Marion - I am so glad you like these snack ideas! I hope you enjoy them as much as me! :)