Saturday, August 25, 2012

FitnessFiles: Change of plans - Workout vlog coming soon!

Ahh! So I know I promised an awesome upper body workout today, but as I was typing it out I decided it would be WAYYY better to make a video tutorial.  I little bit of the workout lingo I use may be confusing and I don’t want any confusion… I want EVERYONE to be able to do it! So I will try and have the workout and video posted on Monday…

Until then I have quite the busy weekend ! An interview (fingers crossed!!), a wedding for one of my best friends, and Josh and I start a new couples group at church that we are totally excited about! Lots of fun stuff – I will def post about What I Wore to my interview and the wedding!

If you are dying for an awesome workout now – Check out Cassey over at she has some great workouts and her energy is totally contagious! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Much love!



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