Saturday, June 28, 2014

Thoughts: 101 in 1001 Days

I am a goal setter and list maker so naturally, when I found out about the 101 things in 1001 days it was the perfect bucket list for me for 2 major reasons:  a.It limits me to only 101 things (yes, I have probably another 101 things I could add, thats the over achiever in me ;) & b. It gives me a solid timeline - win, win! I will update my list under the tab above as I check items off and I will most definitely be blogging about each item as well.  

101 in 1,001 days
Start Date: June 16, 2014 // End Date:  March 14, 2017
1.     Attend NYFW.
2.     Launch my own blog – grow, cultivate, and brand it.
3.     Create a Facebook Page for SCD.
4.     Actually meet some of the lovely ladies behind the blogs I follow.
5.     Buy Photoshop and learn how to effectively use it!
6.     Blog about each completed item on this list.
7.     Attend 3 blogger conferences. (0/3)
8.     Update blog with a professionally created design.
9.     Host my first giveaway on SCD.
Marriage/ Family
10.  Switch EVERYTHING over to my married name. (License, SS Card, Passport, CC’s, etc..)
11.  Write a love/thank you letter to Josh.
12.  Send a family Christmas card.
13.  Go on a picnic date.
14.  Plan a surprise trip for Josh – and actually keep it a secret!
15.  Kiss under the mistletoe.
16.  Start a family with the love of my life J
17.  Go Ice-skating with Josh.
18.  Stay at a bed and breakfast.
19.  Plan 10 date nights.
20.  Go on a honeymoon!
21.  Take a family trip to the beach {Score if we can make it an annual thing}
22.  Go on a mission trip.
23.  Attend a PASSION conference.
24.  Pray through my calendar.
25.  Make promise cards with verses of promises from God.
26.  Find an organization/ business that gives back and support 1/month for a year (0/12)
27.  Lead a women’s bible study.
28.  Memorize 10 Bible verses. (0/10)
29.  Complete 5 bible studies and blog about them along the way. (0/5)
30. Figure out the right place for me to volunteer at church.
31.  Officially become members at Browns Bridge.
32.  Do 10 FULL pull-ups.
33. Learn Krav Maga.
34.  Take a sunrise run on the beach.
35. Run and complete the Disney Half marathon.
36. Complete 3 obstacle courses.
37.  Join a legit Pilates studio (by that I mean complete with a Pilates reformer)
38.  Workout a minimum of 4Xweek for 3 months
39. Run a 5k under 30 min.
40.  Run a color run with a friend.
41.  Learn to snowboard.
42.  Learn to paddleboard.
43.  Try 3 new fitness classes (At least one that is out of my comfort zone). (0/3)
44.  Go Rollerblading.
45.  Participate in an athletic competition
46.  Visit 10 states and document through pictures.
47.  Go see a broadway play in NY.
48.  Visit 10 new cities with Josh. (0/10)
49.  Go on winery tours through NorCal.
50. Go on a carriage ride through central park.
51.  Visit 3+ countries.
52.  Have a staycation weekend with Josh in Atlanta.
53. Put $10 in savings for every item checked off the bucket list $$
54.  Eat out only 1/week for 3 months straight.
55. Pay off all debt (CC & student loans)
56. Make and perfect a homemade Sangria recipe.
57.  Take a cooking class with Josh.
58.  Discover 10 new favorite restaurants (2/10)
v  Zoe’s Kitchen {Mediterranean amazingness}
v  SIP Wine and Tapas {wine tasting vending machines = pure awesomeness}
59. Go 2 weeks without Starbucks. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!
60. Make 10 recipes off of Pinterest.
61.  Have a homemade holiday feast completely gluten-free.
62.  Food Lovers Date Night {Enjoy Pre- dinner Drinks, appetizer, main course, & dessert all separately at a different restaurant in 1 night}
For Fun J
63. Go Dancing in the rain.
64.  See the Rocketts in NYC during Christmas
65. Swim with dolphins
66. Buy a pair of Louboutons.
67.  Take a photo everyday for one year.
68.  Pay for the car behind me at Starbucks.
69. Buy a hammock and enjoy.
70.  Collect a Starbucks mug from every new city we visit.
71.  Design and style my home – worthy of a style magazine. (well, at least a blog post lol) Complete with before and after photos.
72.  Collect 5 coffee table books that interest me (and Josh).
73.  Buy something monogrammed.
74.  Go on a date day with my brother (paid for by me)
75.  Go explore and buy something at a flea market. Bonus points if I can repurpose and fix it up!
76.  Make 10 crafts off of Pinterest. (0/10)
77.  Read 20 new books. (1/20)
v  The Chance By: Karen Kingsbury (June 2014)
78.  See JT in concert.
79.  Repurpose 5 old pieces of furniture. (0/5)
80.  Throw a surprise party for a friend.
81.  Find the PERFECT LBD.
82.  Decide on a new hairstyle (complete with color) and GO FOR IT!!
83.  Create a style book full of outfit inspirations by season.
84.  Send 10 gifts out of the blue. (0/10)
85.  Go to a drive-in movie.
86.  Walk down Rodeo Drive (what I really mean is shop down, obviously)
87.  Buy a fancy schmancy camera and actually learn how to use it!
88.  Try 10 new things. (0/10)
89.  Enjoy a complete spa day.
90. Leave a $20 tip for a meal or drink that costs less than $20
91.  Visit 5 amusement parks. (0/5)
92.  1.     Get a blow out at DryBar.
93. Dress up as a famous duo for Halloween with Josh.
94.  Get a facial.
95. Get a tattoo.
96. Buy 3 new board games. (0/3)
97.  Go to the airport ask for the cheapest round trip ticket and just go!
98.  Try StitchFix.
99. Go to a Cirque du Soleil performance.
100.                Invest in a classic handbag.

101.                 Finish the #100happydays challenge.

Whew! You made it! And if you didn't notice I was really excited about starting so I actually began the challenge on the 16th.  I'm very impatient that way. 

I would LOVE to know if you have a 101 in 1001 Days or another type of bucket list! It's always so fun to see everyones goals and dreams! Share your link in the comments below!



  1. i keep seeing this 101 in 10001 days thing all over and it seems like a really cool idea...but 2 weeks without starbucks? haha no way! i couldn't do it!

    1. Sienna- I know, right?! By far the hardest one on the list for sure!