Monday, June 30, 2014

FitnessFiles: Workout of the Week// June

Hat: Polo {exact- you can even personalize it!} Tank: Forever 21 {similar- I sized up to make it longer} Capris: Nike {similarlove these} Shoes: Nike {old} Sports Bra: Target {exact}

I'm writing from Florida today! Mom and I decided a day ago to make a last minute trip down to visit some family.  I'm looking forward to relaxing by the pool, maybe doing a little shopping, grilling out, and maybe some golf or pickle ball (super fun btw, don't laugh).  If you follow along with me on Instagram I post some workout wear a time or two... Here is my favorite workout wear from last week + a good laugh for you & a KILLER Cardio track workout I did, enjoy :)

Yeah... so this happened when the Hubs told me I can use the button on the side of my iPhone to take a pic {mind blown}. Clearly, I was just terrible at it, so mental note: I need to work out that... eventually after many quite unsuccessful tries I gave up and gave the oh so high tech iPhone back to the Hubs in defeat... Now that I have just revealed my complete and total un-techy self... I would like to apologize for any terrible pics and the un-techy greatness of the blog. I am extremely excited to learn more and evolve the blog as I do.  Oh and any pointers you have for new-ish bloggers would be much appreciated.

Now that I have confessed that...on to the workout:

KILLER Cardio Track Workout
Complete each round twice before moving on to the next round.
Round 1
Run 200m
10 full burpees
10 Jumping Jack planks
Round 2
Run 200m
20 walking lunges (10 each leg)
20 air squats
Round 3
Run 200m
10 Upward dog into downward dog (slow and controlled)
10 tricep pushups (I did girlie style bc I was dying....)
Round 4
Run 200m
10 full sit- ups
10 knee ups

I was going to take a pic after, but well like I said I died so there was none of that business happening...

Side note: I am super competitive with myself so I typically always time my circuit workouts so that when I complete them again I can see if I can push myself a little harder.  I definitely recommend this if you are training by yourself to give yourself that extra push... it's so worth it! 

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! I would love to hear about any great workouts you did or if you can make me feel better about never knowing I could use my camera from the side of my phone... I wouldn't mind that either :)


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